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I hereby certify that all the information provided above is true and correct and will be used by KAC to best determine the institue to apply to for higher education abroad. I undertake to cooperate with KAC at all times during the application process. I will submit all documents as and when required and demanded by KAC. I will secure the required quantum of marks in all the tests required by the international colleges to which I am applying. I understand that it is my responsibility to get the test scores reported to the institutes for which KAC is applying on my behalf. I understand that I will bear all the charges relating to college application charges, official test score reporting, credit evaluation charges, courier charges and other charges as may arise during the application process. I agree that I will be responsible for all expenses related to visa application, transportation, tuition fees and living expenses. I hereby authorize KAC to complete, sign, and submit on my behalf any and all documents and forms required to obtain admission in an institute abroad and to receive direct notification of the results of the application. I understand that KAC's services are limited to applications only with no guarantee of acceptance and agree that KAC has no liability to me in any way in relation to my application process. I understand that KAC's service package includes application to 3 universities only and any additional universities I choose to apply to will incur additional fees. I agree that if I secure admission to a particular institute for a specific semster then it is not the KAC's responsibility to defer my admission to any other semester year, if done by KAC then I will pay additional fees for that service. FEES PAID TO KAC WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF KAC IS UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION PROCESS BECAUSE OF MY NON-COOPERATIVE ATTITUDE OR IF I DECIDED NOT TO PROCEED WITH THE APPLICATION FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER OR IF I AM DENIED A VISA FOR ANY REASON. Once I complete the KAC Application Form and complete the counselling session it is understood that the application process has commenced and I forfeit the right to any form of refund from KAC. KAC will only provide me with visa guidance and is not responsible for applying for and obtaining visa for me. I hereby give my express consent to KAC to use my photo in their literature, website, brochure, marketing and advertising campaigns.


KAC was established by Ms. Gurmeet Kaur Chadha, MBA from Aston University and London School of Economics, UK and Mr. Amit Varadkar an MS in Computer Science from the University of Texas – both Canadian citizens. KAC was created with a dream and promise, combined with entrepreneurial farsightedness for a credible and supportive overseas guidance to our clients for study or immigration programs in Australia, Canada and USA.


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